iTroll Questionnaire

The iTroll questionnaire is a self-report measure of online trolling tendencies.


Here are some questions about your attitudes toward online trolling. Please rate your level of agreement or disagreement with each statement using a 5-point scale:

  1. I consider myself to be a troll.
  2. I enjoy watching other people get trolled.
  3. Trolling behavior makes me angry. (R)
  4. Trolls share my perspective on life.
  5. Trolling behavior is both cruel and unnecessary. (R)
  6. My online personality is typical of a troll.
  7. I enjoy trolling other people.
  8. I dislike trolls. (R)
  9. Trolling behavior should be punished. (R)
  10. I share the political views of online trolls.
  11. We need more safeguards to prevent online trolling. (R)
  12. I identify with trolling culture.


Reverse score (5=1, 4=2, 3=3, 2=4, 1=5) the five items denoted with an (R).
Compute a total score as the mean of the 12 items after reverse scoring.


Buckels, E. E., Trapnell, P. D., Andjelovic, T., & Paulhus, D. L. (2019). Internet trolling and everyday sadism: Parallel effects on pain perception and moral judgment. Journal of Personality, 87(2), 328–340.

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Erin E. Buckels
Erin E. Buckels
Assistant Professor of Psychology